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The basic necessity for survival. The world of food. The Salt, the rice, and the flour. The taste. The aroma. The enriched experience. The pleasure. The satisfaction of a complete meal. The contentment. It is ANGEL. Experience the joy and the contentment of a delicious meal with ANGEL.

Angel Foods

Enjoy the ANGEL food brought to you by S.K.N Traders. We bring to you the most Angel of rice, salt and flour. The most important and most cherished of food items. Only for you, we bring the best of quality at the best of prices. Make the experience of a lifetime your daily habit.

SKN Traders

S.K.N TRADERS are, the family traditional rice and paddy business people since 1971 and under the quality business guidance from Late Shri P. Senthilvel Nadar , father of our proprietor S. KARUNANIDHI is strictly followed the quality business formula and maintained the quality as our motto and guided us to reaching 40 years in this business. With the un-interrupted quality business we formed S.K.N. Traders and day by day expanding and elevating the family traditional business by marketing newly introduced rice varieties , in addition to the current range of rice names PONNI,ATHISAYA PONNI,KARNATAKA PONNI, ASD-16, ADT-36, ASD-16, CULTURE PONNI, IR-20, IR-50, SAMBA,A-16 DOUBLE BOILED, BASMATHI RICE and more, according to the market needs .

Further we have started our entry in to the marketing of the following products in consumer packs under our own brand “ANGEL” : FREE FLOW IODIZED SALT, CHAKKI ATTA FLOUR and RICE FLOUR, with our present strength.

Foundation of our Organization

In 1971 our Founder Shri P. Senthilvel Nadar started the Paddy business with Panchayat's business license at Mukkudal and procured small unit of paddy under Government Levy procurement scheme and converted to rice and sold on retail basis to the village people and improved his business gradually and latter during 1991 he trained his son S. Karunanidhi (SKN Traders Proprietor) in this field in a better manner and made him suitably for doing business independently.


In 2000 we entered into PAVOORCHATRAM and continued the Paddy and Rice business trade up to 2005 and got more experience in the trade.

Farming of Modern Rice Mill

In 2005 we joined with our business dealing friends and formed the said Rajathi Raja Modern Rice Mill as partnership concern with a production capacity of 15 Tons Rice per day consisting of : 1) Pressure Boiler, 2) Dryer 3) Colour sorters 4) Grader and 5) Polishing Machine. Our proprietor is a very good quality analyzer of paddy and rice and knows the production process from A to Z. According to our Technical knowledge we are able to guide other traders and new comers to this field for installing new plant also.

By enrolled our company as a member in Rice Mill Owners Association, Rice and Paddy merchants Association, we are watching the market trends every day and getting more business relationship with the business people under FOOD AND BEVERAGE CATEGORY.

Born of S.K.N Traders

In 2006 we Registered SKN Traders with Sales Tax Authority, Government of Tamilnadu and got TIN and CST numbers to run the business. In 2007 SKN Traders obtained IEC code for Export of Rice.


In 2010 SKN Traders decided to market more food products in addition to the rice trade. For which we have started marketing IODIZED SALT, ATTA and RICE FLOUR in our own brand “ANGEL” .

We are different from others

We have already wide business customers in Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka in connection with our existing rice and paddy trading and standing in the market because of our quality of trade and maintaining our motto of quality products supply to consumers; With our good experience it is easy for us to reach our target easily, so we are adding more products in our trade and based on our strength. Moreover we have our own transport facilities for keeping our delivery schedule in time.


We are the Traders in Tamilnadu have more than 300-400 direct and indirect customers/ traders and supplying regularly variety of rice according to the market needs. We can also export other products covered by FOOD AND BEVERAGE Category and its sub-categories. The place where our firm situated is surrounded by big grocery and vegetable market. With all facilities within our reach it is not difficult for us to watch domestic and export trade. More over we are holding Import Export Code and ISO Certified Company.

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